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March 25, 2020

Working from Home Using VMware Horizon On-Premises Solution – In COVID-19 Situation

Due to the recent COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, many organizations came with working from home strategies for their employees. There are organizations will have a strict corporate policy, hardware or the data of employee’s computer cannot leave the company premises. We have done many design and deployments of VDI solutions and for setting up a full [...]
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January 18, 2018

Energy, Oil & Gas

Businesses can use big data analytics for gaining reliable insights on production of energy. Understand and improve reserve exploration with deep learning of resources. Moreover, with quick analytics and immediate emergency measures, your business can have a higher total recovery at a lower expense. Application of big data analytics to your business can aid your […]

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February 19, 2015

Banking and Financial Markets

Banks and Financial institutes are driving towards the use of Big Data Technology. This allows your financial institution to understand customer insights through analytics, which would be used to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce customer churn. Leveraging customer data that has been captured over the years can help banks get deeper understanding for […]

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January 19, 2015

Retail and Consumer Goods

Today’s customers are more digitally connected than ever. They expect to receive extraordinary customer experiences, which are seamless between both the physical store experience and the online or digital experience – Omni-channel experience. Retail Omni channel analytics can help businesses understanding their customer habits, touchpoints, what drives customer to purchase and repurchase, which can be […]

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