Customer Intelligence

Identify complex insights of your customers from advanced analytics, and increase customer experience through precision marketing.

Gain insights about your customers, which helps in customizing individual customer experience, through real-time analytics. Citrus consulting team can help you gather and analyze your customer data, gain insights and help your business map out the ideal customer journey. We are able to understand customer experience across multiple technologies. The advanced system we use helps us integrate different data sources, and other third-party technologies with ease.  This would enable your business to have a deeper relationship with your customer, which in return brings greater value to the organization.

Analytics Marketing

Our domain expertise with the use of latest analytics tool, we are able to bring about complex analytics, such as machine learning, where volumes of customer data captured by your business, will be used to drive deeper understanding of customer preferences. We will be able to design a marketing plan which best fits your company goals to reach right target audiences by streamlining marketing efforts – thus increase customer conversion, reduce churn, increase customer loyalty, and increase customer lifecycle value, which would drive marketing ROI.

Optimize Customer Journey

We can look into various sources of customer data that has been collected from different channels and understand behavioral patterns – this enables you to have a robust holistic customer view. Identify where each of your customer is on the customer journey map, and use this information to identify how to boost sales and retain customers with each interaction.

Real-Time Customer Experience

The real-time analytics can enable to reach the customers with the right messaging. This can increase customer satisfaction of your brand, which can boost sales and brand loyalty.