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Citrus Consulting Services is the Consulting and the Transformation Services arm of Redington Gulf.

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Hosting E-commerce for a multinational Conglomerate

Customer Introduction

A multidivisional top Emirati Family-Owned Business Group of 27+ companies and associated with over 370 international brands having a range of diverse products and business interests that Majorly include retail Lifestyle , real estate constructions, industrial and joint ventures and consumer interest businesses. It has an active and a leading presence throughout UAE and Oman; it stretches its reach across Asia, Middle East, parts of America, African continent, New Zealand and Australia

Citrus Consulting helps a Multinational Conglomerate with Hosting their E-commerce Websites

Challenge Overview

The customer aims at consolidating their front ending websites used for marketing purposes under the Citrus Consulting Managed Services portfolio. The customer also intends to undertake professional services to optimize their current website hosting infrastructure.

They require to maximize their business while leveraging best in class technology and mobility as a key tool in their pursuit of strengthening AWS Infrastructure.

Customer required Citrus Consulting to meet core security and compliance requirements which in turn could help them to transfer their focus towards Business Development. Customer didn’t want to compromise on the security and required a risk-free migration without affecting their daily routine.

Solution Overview

At Citrus Consulting, we enabled our customer to gain the control and confidence they need to securely run their business with the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment. Keeping industry standard best practice in mind we built this solution which was highly reliable and secured.

Citrus Consulting helped the customer in formulating and Conceptualizing scalable and customizable architecture based on forecasting, scheduling and analyzing their traffic, demand and load patterns. We helped in Suggesting hosting platforms across Amazon web services as an optimum solution to ensure security, accessibility, mobility, and enhanced end customer experience.

We performed an assessment on the current infrastructure to optimize and secure the environment which helped in restricting direct access to the website servers which are outside the cloud network. To Provide Single point of logins in the network we used secured and reliable AWS service. During busy hours we helped our customer in routing their traffic into different AWS Availability zones for business continuity.

For Meeting Business requirements an internet gateway was configured which is highly stable and was being used in disaster recovery across different availability zones. For protecting customer’s ecommerce website from hackers, malware issues we configured a native AWS service that gave an additional security layer and filtered out the traffic coming on the website.

Benefits Delivered to Customer

  • A Large outreach was made for the customer to their wide variety of vendors and end customers to improve business continuity.
  • Added an additional security layer for restricting attacker and bots from accessing the website.
  • Created a durable and a scalable solution which can be upscaled on the existing architecture with multiple websites in order to be high available at peak hours.
  • Elastic infrastructure was built which created bandwidth to accommodate traffic in accordance with business needs.
  • Single Point of Login was achieved with improved security