Industry Analytics

Let us manage your business intelligence needs for your business to meet Industry requirements and gain competitive advantage.

We work with the public sectors to support their business needs through advanced analytics and deep understanding of the concerns and help with the challenges they face. From demand forecasting, planning and execution of operations to mitigating risks, which are financial and non-financial in nature.

Industry Offerings

Energy Forecasting

We are able to forecast the energy consumption by using historical data and industry knowledge. We will help support your needs by producing confident forecasts, that are repeatable, scalable, traceable and defensible energy projections for both short and long term purposes. This will allow your business to proactively plan, manage operations, energy trading and energy demand management.

Non-financial Loss

We will help you monitor your data to identify theft of service and reduce catch it early. With the data provided, we will be able to detect any suspicious activity which we can use to prevent theft faster, and improve the investigation effectiveness by finding hidden relationships with the data collected.