January 19, 2015

Retail and Consumer Goods

Today’s customers are more digitally connected than ever. They expect to receive extraordinary customer experiences, which are seamless between both the physical store experience and the online or digital experience – Omni-channel experience. Retail Omni channel analytics can help businesses understanding their customer habits, touchpoints, what drives customer to purchase and repurchase, which can be successfully used in marketing and sales strategies to increase sales and effective marketing efforts. Customers who are understood better and receive personalized customer experiences, tend to have a positive experience with the company and brand.

Citrus Offering

Customer Intelligence

We are able to look into different sources of data and apply advanced analytics to help your business understand your customer better than ever before, and how to deliver outstanding customer experience for them to have positive experience with your brand. We help transform your business from a product centric approach to a customer-centric approach for better brand loyalty.

  • Marketing and Sales Strategy – Ability to manage and analyze into data from different sources, and turn this big data into valuable customer insights through 360 degree customer view. We will be able to understand customer behavior and what they like, allowing us to create customer communities to better target your marketing efforts. This allows us to identify the best and most effective way to address customer demands through dynamic pricing, targeted sales efforts, and delivering effective customer experiences.
  • Real-time customer experience – We are able to monitor customers on real-time individually, and delivery personalized marketing efforts for the best experiences. Customers expect a seamless experience, where the businesses are proactive in understanding them better to deliver exceptional experiences.
  • Optimize Customer Journey – Understanding the customer touchpoints and where each customer in on the customer journey, so that this information can be used to planning of sales efforts.
Merchandizing Intelligence and Resource planning

We are able to use predictive modeling to understand marketing and sales efforts for better planning.

Merchandizing Intelligence

  • Merchandise assortment and Product size/pack optimization – We will see which products can be sold together, and how we can increase margin through dynamic pricing by using analytics. Predictive analytics can let us know what size and package would work best for the customer to increase sale and satisfaction.
  • Dynamic pricing Strategies – Ability to optimizing pricing strategies for maximum profitability over the product and demand life cycle. We will advise you on the best pricing strategies through competitor pricing, shape product demand and meet company financial goals.

Resources Planning is essential for your business, as it reduces cost for customer acquisition, understanding the motivators for repurchase and how to best increase customer retention and reduce customer churn.

  • Optimize retail store Utilization – Understand the customer demands proactively and provide them with the services or products they need at the right time and platform. Our specialized analytics team helps your business become more customer centric, giving us a deeper understanding of what products should be sold, and what assortment. A deep understanding of Omni channel demand to forecast sales by retail store location, and marketplace fulfilment initiatives
  • Plan for products to sell – We are able to identify customer demands through data analytics, predict what are the products that would boost sales and identify opportunities of when to sell what
Supply and Demand Planning

Our analytics team is able to forecast the customer demand by channel and this can be used to strategically plan what products to purchase and optimize inventory.

  • Accuracy in Demand Forecasting – we are able to forecast customer demand through your data, this could be used to meet customer demands by making accurate decisions on what products to bring in and take out.
  • Effect of marketing campaigns on demand – Understand what marketing campaigns and promotions would increase demand, and support this demand through planning.
  • Optimize inventory and reduce stock out – The analytics team will forecast consumer demand more accurately, which would help your business to meet demand needs and ability to manage the overall inventory.
Anti-Fraud Analytics
  • Payment fraud detection – We are able to assure that there is no payment fraud especially when it comes to credit card fraud. Online transactions can be monitored on real time and alerts can be sent in case there is a potential threat.
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