Financial Crime

Ensure that your business is safe from internal procurement payment fraud and external fraud, and is complaint to Anti-Money Laundering. We also support businesses by mitigating tax and revenue fraud.

Protect your business from Fraud and AML through advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Citrus team will proactively protect your business from fraudulent behavior, and adhere to compliance regulatory. Many companies face the issue of fraud and AML, and lose a lot of revenue, reputation within the industry and trust amongst its stakeholders. However, with domain expertise knowledge and advanced analytics tools we will be able to identify the improper payments related to fraud and abuse before they occur in your company.


Procurement Integrity

During acquisition of product and/service, there is potential financial loss from bribery, false claims, bid rigging and cost manipulation. With the help of our analytics team can identify procurement related fraud, or any abuse at an early stage, thus reducing the monetary loss. This would be done by anomaly detection, predictive models and etc.

AML Compliance

Working with us, we will ensure that your business is meeting global compliance needs. Assure that all transactions are monitored on an individual level to assure that they are non-fraudulent. We take a risk-based approach to ensure that there is increased transparency within the system, therefore reducing the compliance risk.

Improper Payment Fraud

We are able to simplify payment processes by application of advanced analytics for fraud management solutions. This enables us to identify errors sooner and more effectively, which will reduce the financial risk and increase payment processes.

Tax and Revenue Fraud

We are able to protect and prevent crimes related to taxes and revenue. Our team would be able to identify fraud early stages, as well as provide reliable intelligence to assess malicious behavior and with intelligence we will be able to avoid future risk.