January 18, 2018

Energy, Oil & Gas

Businesses can use big data analytics for gaining reliable insights on production of energy. Understand and improve reserve exploration with deep learning of resources. Moreover, with quick analytics and immediate emergency measures, your business can have a higher total recovery at a lower expense. Application of big data analytics to your business can aid your business to reach optimal resources production.

Citrus Offering

Industry Analytics
  • Production forecasting – We are able to forecast the demand within the sector. Our advanced analytics team is able to see the current consumption and able to predict what is the future usage of resources – which can be used for the optimization of operations and resource management.
  • Operations and Production Optimization – We are able to understand the reserves’ properties better, thus optimize energy recovery and reduce nonproductive time using advanced analytics. Our ability to conduct reservoir simulations of the dynamic flow can be used to give advice on how to improve the economic portfolio calculations for designed for your business requirements – this can be used to recognize the best candidate to optimize workover strategies.
Nontechnical Loss Prevention
  • Operational Efficiency – Our analytics team will be able to recognize any operational non productivity, thus saving time and effort used.
  • Mitigate loss through early detection and early recovery – We are able to identify and predict incidents in real-time and we are able to raise red flags to avoid hazardous situations, any delays, unexpected shutdowns and accidents. This would avoid huge losses.
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