February 18, 2015

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Getting a holistic view of individual customer providing insights, that can be used to make strategic decisions on how to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Citrus Offering

Customer Intelligence
  • Comprehensive Insight of Customer needs (on demand and real time) – Our advanced analytics team is able to look into complex data, identify patterns on what the customer needs are. Our technology is able to integrate data from various platforms, previously collected and real-time data, to gather insights that are valuable to your company for decision making.
  • Predicting and preventing customer churn – Understand how your company’s performance is against customer needs. These insights can be used to identify churn triggers, patterns or customer behavioral trends. By identifying where the problem area is we will advise your company on how to improve.
Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Strategic Planning for Marketing and Sales – Our consulting team will be able to deliver a strategic plan on how to use the insights generated to increase revenue, ROI and potential ways to innovate to gain stronger brand loyalty.
  • Maximizing sale potential – We are able to recognize the customer lifetime value, and use marginal pricing by understanding customer spending ability.
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