February 19, 2015

Banking and Financial Markets

Banks and Financial institutes are driving towards the use of Big Data Technology. This allows your financial institution to understand customer insights through analytics, which would be used to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce customer churn. Leveraging customer data that has been captured over the years can help banks get deeper understanding for innovations and the ability to personalize individual customer experience.

Citrus Offering

Customer Intelligence

We are able to analyze historic data that has been captured and monitor customer data on real-time to gain deeper insights on how to best serve the customer at every touch point.

  • Marketing Strategy – Analytics team will be able to comprehend data collected, and identify opportunities and area of focus to better plan marketing strategies. We are able to identify which customers we can target and the solution packages to offer to that particular customer.
  • Customer Journey Optimization – Find out what are the ways in which your customer can have a better experiences, through identifying what is more receptive to the customer and what are the channels they prefer to use. This in return increases customer satisfaction and increases the return in marketing investment.
Anti-fraud and Anti-money Laundering (AML) Compliance

Our expertise helps us to monitor your external and internal interactions, and identify any fraudulent behavior before they occur and prevent it. Our specialized analytics team is able to monitor all your transactions in real-time from suspicious behavior and report it accordingly.

  • Early detection of financial crimes, fraudulent behavior and market abuse – By monitoring and reducing any illegal behavior, financial institutions can avoid fines, and reputational issues that come along with businesses involved in these activities. These include but are not limited to application fraud, employee fraud, payment fraud, bust out and others.
  • Government and Regulatory Compliance – Institutions can be assured that our financial analytics team will make sure that your business is compliant to all the regulatory rulers that. As this rules keep changing and being updated with newer technology advancements, we are able to see through that all the stringent compliance rules are being applied within your business processes.
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