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Speeding Up SAP Deployments Using AWS Launch Wizard

June 22, 2022

Building network infrastructure, provisioning servers or virtual machines, installing operating systems, configuring high availability and disaster recovery solutions, and finally installing the SAP software is a tedious and manual process that has traditionally been performed by a team of SAP experts. Similarly, the implementation of an AWS Cloud-based deployment requires a team of SAP-trained experts.

With the release of the AWS Launch Wizard for SAP, Citrus

is able to assist organizations in deploying SAP applications on AWS with speed and scalability, as the process is now fully automated and can be delivered as a code utilizing any of the following options:

➼ Deployment of SAP to a single server or Amazon EC2 instance
➼ Deployment of SAP to multiple hosts or EC2 instances

➼ Deployment of SAP to several availability zones

➼ Deployment of HANA Database with high availability


The deployment template utilized by the AWS Launch Wizard for SAP is reusable and can be readily modified to meet particular needs. The AWS Launch Wizard may perform the following operations for SAP deployments with high availability:

➼ Configures the Linux clustering and SAP integration features.

➼ SAP servers can be deployed in different availability zones (independent physical data centers with high-speed internet

➼ Generates the appropriate network security in AWS security groups;

➼ Configures third-party backup for HANA database; and

➼ Gives a deployment cost estimate.

Benefits of using AWS Launch Wizard

➯ Simplified application deployment: AWS Launch Wizard provides its users with the simplicity and convenience of deploying third-party applications on AWS. The Launch Wizard proposes and deploys the optimal AWS resources for an application based on the user’s requirements. This drastically reduces the time required to set up and deploy essential applications.

➯ Automated resource selection and cost estimation: The AWS Launch Wizard, in addition to selecting the appropriate AWS resources for a user’s unique application requirements, also offers an estimate of the cost of employing those resources. Users are permitted to alter AWS resources to obtain a revised cost estimate based on the selected recommendations.

➯ Code templates that can be reused save time and effort: AWS Launch Wizard provides its users with code templates that can be reused for AWS CloudFormation. These pre-loaded templates serve as the basis for future application deployments by the user. Users can save a substantial amount of time, personnel, and effort by configuring their apps programmatically using code templates, as opposed to manually constructing them each time a new application is deployed.

➯ Employ and exploit AWS best practices: The AWS Launch Wizard installs resources with a solid foundation in AWS architecture and framework, as well as application best practices. Consequently, applications deployed via the AWS Launch Wizard adhere to AWS best practices. In addition, they are tuned for security, performance, dependability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


Citrus is an AWS distributor and can assist businesses in transitioning their SAP workload to AWS Cloud to maximize business value.

Start your SAP on AWS adventure with Citrus now.


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