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Citrus Consulting Services is the Consulting and the Transformation Services arm of Redington Gulf.

Sunday – Thursday: 9:00AM–6:00PM (Sales), Sunday – Saturday: 24×7 / 365 (Support) E.O#3, Ground Floor, Building 01 Dubai Internet City, P.O Box 501 761 Dubai, UAE (+971) 04 516 1500
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Migrate with Amazon Web Services

Enable rapid growth and save on CAPEX investments by migrating your current IT estate to AWS.

AWS and Citrus Consulting Services. Together!

Being the Advanced Consulting Partners with AWS, Citrus Consulting Services has been supporting customers in their digital transformation journey right from consulting to execution!

With our satisfied customers, experienced consultants and proficient engineers, Citrus Consulting Services have had a strong presence the region. Our customers have been benefitted with IT Savings, productivity enhancements, business agility and faster time to market by migrating their IT estates to AWS.


The 3-Step Approach to Cloud Migration

The migration readiness assessment enables us to identify the capabilities required in your migration and build a TCO model for your migration project.

The migration assessment process generally provides you with the following:

  • An understanding about where your environment is in the cloud journey
  • An understanding of your current strengths and weaknesses as a cloud-ready enterprise
  • An action plan to close identified gaps

The mobilize phase helps us build a foundation for your migration, with the goal of fixing the gaps identified in the migration assessment phase.

The migration mobilize phase generally delivers you the following outcomes:

  • Define and automate security, risk, and compliance policies to accommodate operational controls
  • Define and implement an AWS landing zone that can scale as you migrate additional applications
  • Establish your cloud operating model
  • Run applications in production capacity

In this step we execute the migration plan using powerful AWS best practices, tools, and processes. After leveraging the best practices and lessons learned from the earlier migration phases, you can implement a migration factory, a blueprint for scaling implementation and operations, through automation, and agile delivery.

Explore the Features

What AWS Offers


Boost efficiency with scalability and agility

AWS enables businesses to quickly adapt to changing demands and scale their infrastructure with ease, thanks to its elastic computing power, on-demand resources, and extensive cloud services suite.


Gain greater insights

Gain greater insights with AWS by leveraging the AI/ML solutions, such as Amazon SageMaker, to process and analyze vast amounts of data, and uncover patterns and insights that can drive business decisions.


Optimize IT costs

Optimize IT costs with AWS by utilizing their cost-effective services such as Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, which provide access to spare AWS compute capacity at deep discounts compared to On-Demand prices.


Create an agile and strategic workforce

Migration and modernization can help you activate a workforce that’s more mobile, agile, and strategically focused to quickly meet market and customer demands.


Innovate faster

Innovate faster with AWS by utilizing their fully-managed services such as AWS Lambda, which enables developers to run code without managing servers, allowing them to focus on creating new features and services.


Improve security and reduce risk

Improve security and reduce risk with AWS by leveraging fully-managed security services such as AWS Security Hub, which provides a comprehensive view of security alerts and compliance status across AWS accounts and workloads.

Customer Success Stories

Citrus Consulting Services named AWS APN Consulting Partner of the Year – 2020

Read the press release..

Citrus Migration Philosophy

Migration Assessment

Leveraging on Citrus Consulting Services Business Analysts, Pre-Sales Consultants, and Account Managers, we are able to analyze specific attributes related to both application and infrastructural elements in order to identify the best target configuration for each application that will be migrated to the AWS Cloud.

Planning And Discovery

Based on the data gathered by Citrus Consulting Services Business Analysts, Pre-Sales Consultants and Account Managers during the Assessment Phase, Citrus and the Customer, following Citrus Migration Approach, will define the migration waves basing on priorities and system dependencies.

Design and Validation

Citrus Consulting Services has industrialized the approach for designing the target Cloud environment with standardized landing zone templates to be customized based on the specificity of the Customer. Such an approach allows Citrus to deliver high-quality Landing Zone design with proper care in terms of Identity and Access Management, Security, Network Segregation, and Automation and, at the same time, address all specificities of the Customer.


Aligned to AWS best practices, Citrus Consulting Services’ Cloud Migration Team consisting of AWS Certified Engineers, Consultants and TAMs, will select and execute the right migration strategy. This includes re-host, re-platform, and re-architect options.


As the natural continuation of the journey, Citrus Consulting Services offers 24*7*365 – Cloud-Native Managed Services for the complete management of the AWS Workloads and hosted Applications. This enables our customers to focus on there core competencies rather than their IT infrastructure or applications.

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