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Citrus Consulting Services is the Consulting and the Transformation Services arm of Redington Gulf.

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Business Intelligence

Helping Organizations Transform to Data Driven Decision Making by Analyzing and Visualizing Real Time Insights

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Business Intelligence

The value that data brings to organizations is often dependent of on a larger vision and mission of an enterprise to leverage the digital transformation, implement an enterprise data management strategy and therein leverage key data sources, to provide their end users with the power to achieve data driven decision making. Knowing more about your business and market, and knowing it faster and sooner than others, is the best way to gain a competitive edge.

Many organizations want to modernize their BI infrastructures and practices — including information management, data quality and data integration—to improve agility and efficiency. Large and small enterprises across the board have embarked on a journey of data transformation and leveraging the single source of truth to gain tangible business benefits.

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What We Offer

A tool and technology agnostic approach enables Organizations to truly have a modular data strategy inclusive of business intelligence, without creating an overt dependency on any single approach. Citrus Consulting Services, leverages a business first outlook towards implementation of business intelligence solutions that help you see beyond the data.

Our Business Intelligence Suite of Services are aimed at developing data-driven strategies that supply insights into key areas, supporting your decision-making process, identifying emerging trends, and unlocking the hidden value in data. Our certified BI analysts and business intelligence developers help organizations of any size to collect, analyze, and visualize data and then transform into actionable insights through a plethora of tools and technologies, with a business first approach aiding in best fit solutions at the least possible total cost of ownership.

We help our customers with focus on 3 key areas:

  • Build and enhance robust reporting platforms
  • Incorporate mobility for an ever evolving world where data is an enabler
  • Incorporate self service capabilities to gain insights from the data as desired by you.

An as-a-Service approach

Minimize your CAPEX costs and your team’s involvement and dedication towards achieving powerful insights, with our as a Service approach. Our BI as a Services enables you to quickly turn your data into actionable insights with minimum intervention and oversight. Leverage our out of the box dashboards compliant with global best practices in a subscription model. Have access to our pre-defined reports, self-service analytics enable ad hoc reporting and automated alerting mechanisms for anomaly detection or threshold based alerting help leverage tangible insights in an ongoing engagement.


Business Intelligence Consulting

The Organizations of today can no longer operate in silo’s, and to be able to truly harness the power of their underlying data, there ought to be a seamless synergy between business unit as well as operation wings – thereby enhancing value and enabling business driven decisions. Analyze your business needs and focus on voiced out and hidden problem statements to create an implementation and data improvement strategy. We help you design a best fit solution leveraging your compliance requirements, and industry best practices. Leverage our advisory services on data quality, enrichment and security to know the what, where and how of your data.


Business Intelligence Implementation

Often a centralized reporting services covering all BI components in an inclusive manner like a data lake, data warehouse, extract – transform load processes coupled with online analytical processing cubes help integrate data from internal and external data sources and convert them into insights. Out tool agnostic approach enables you to have a future ready data platform without any lock in on any particular technology enabler. Security is job zero at Citrus Consulting, our data security policies help map user roles and permissions enabling role based access in a multi-tiered architecture.


Business Intelligence Support

A holistic approach towards implementation, born out of a business driven outlook enables us to support you across multiple fronts in your BI journey. Be it support on the data residing on your infrastructure – be it on the cloud or On premise, Citrus team of advanced consultants, enable an end to end support for your BI implementation. Inclusive of support on Infrastructure, Data Warehousing, Ad Hoc Reporting, ETL querying or development of emerging tech use cases like AI and ML, Citrus Consulting is your partner through your data journey.

Why Citrus ?

Our goal is to aid every decision maker across an organization secure access to key metrics to help them make informed decisions, anytime, anywhere. Our approach ranges in an end to end solution suite including visualization, meta data strategies, quality assurance processes and performance tuning for brownfield systems.

Our accelerators include a modular and agile approach, enabling expedited time to market that reach across meta data analytics, visualization frameworks and industry standard key performance indicator catalogues.

Our cross vendor partnership approach enables you to truly leverage the best in the business solutions suited for your need. Be it harnessing the data in your SAP, Oracle or Microsoft systems, Citrus Consulting has been there, done that, with enterprise customers across industries like aviation, construction, governments, banking and insurance.

Our Services

A dedicated Team of data analysts, visualization experts, infrastructure services, business analysts and data scientists help our customers truly harness the power of their data internally and externally, enabling data driven decision making. Citrus Consulting has long adopted an agnostic approach enabling all solutions are modular to the most granular levels, enabling no dependency on any particular vendor. Our experience in implementation of data intelligence solutions goes across the board on traditional BI, advanced analytics, the Internet of Things, to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, thereby enabling us to be your technology partners for now and the future.

Expedited Time to Market

Often customers complain that Analytics engagements never adhere to promised timelines, owing to multiple iterations involving User Acceptance Testing, data validation and other associated processes. At Citrus Consulting, we make time our priority, in order to ensure to support you in making informed decisions on priority, we ensure a through mapping of all data sources, ensure transparency and visibility on data quality, help our customers with an end to end know how on the various nuances of the engagement. We leverage our in house out of the box dashboards to catalyze delivery timelines and ensure compliance to deliverables.

Facilitated Insights

Have a presentation coming up, or a report to be published, leverage Citrus Consulting’s result oriented approach at aiding you solve the problem at hand rather than manual labor and dependency on anthropogenic elements. With our BI services, we provide you with flexible and diverse forms of analysis results – PowerPoint or PDF presentations, Excel or Google Sheets tables, Power BI reports and dashboards – to help you get a quick insight into your business operations. When we develop or improve your BI solution, we advise on dashboards layout and recommend reports and KPIs that can give a broader view of your business. Besides, we blend business intelligence with business analytics so that your BI solution could create forecasts and even prescribe actions.

Business Driven Collaborative Approach

Our team of business consultants, enable any engagement with a focus on the business context at hand, rather than focusing on a technology centric approach. Definition of business goals, feasibility of business use case in terms of data at hand and possible data avenues form the cornerstone of the engagement When providing BI services, we set up collaboration in the course of which Citrus Consultants achieve data completeness and its correct interpretation due to obtaining information from both – data sources and people thereby enabling close intimacy with end business goals throughout the course of the engagement.

Our Practices


Consulting & Advisory

Data discovery

BI Maturity Assessment

BI strategy roadmap & Planning

Architecture and Technology Advisory

Data Governance and Modeling Advisory


BI as a Service

Descriptive Analytics

Diagnostic Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

Self Service BI

Mobile BI

Collaborative BI


BI Implementation as Service

Business Objective and BI design

Integrated Data model and design

Data Management

KPI Metrics & Analytics

Data Validation

Automate work flow

KPI Metrics & Analytics


Support & Professional Services

Tool based implementation service

Data Migration services

Custom BI

BI Managed service and Support

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