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Advisory Consulting

Today, business growth and innovation are two realities that are inextricably linked. Having a sustainable strategy along with the adoption of disruptive technologies will allow your business to innovate and grow faster while reducing the overall costs. Our Advisory teams leverage regional and global expertise and help you resolve business challenges using technology and deliver strategies that work for your business environment.

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Digital Transformation

Traditional businesses today face enormous competition from emerging disruptive trends. Challenges come in the form of rapidly changing customer expectations to constantly evolving technology to born on the cloud competitors. We help our clients to incubate digital business units and integrate these fully operational entities into their core business. A radical new set of capabilities to success in this highly competitive market.

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Data and Analytics

In this Digital era, a real business transformation starts with by making informed decisions supported by data driven insights. Enterprises generate enormous amount of data but it requires a competent partner to help them source the most relevant data and derive insights that can help them make better decisions. We at Citrus know what it takes to make data a competitive advantage for your enterprise because “Data is the New Oil”.

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Cloud Transformation and IT Modernization

Modern IT infrastructure does not follow one-size-fits-all approach because the demand changes constantly. When deployed accurately, a cloud-based platform can usher in unprecedented benefits across the enterprise like greater business agility, higher levels of innovation, increased simplicity and economies of scale. Our seasoned Cloud consultants will help you to draft a strategy to modernize your IT and support you all the way to implement the same.

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Decision Science

Enterprises today generates large volume of raw structured and unstructured data through their systems of engagement. Businesses can leverage these data sets with the help of our data and decision science experts and find answers to questions like “How effective is it’s current strategy?” “How could they make it work better?”. Our data scientists will accelerate your journey from data to decision using industry and proprietary methodologies.

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IoT and Connected Solutions

Consumers think, act, and buy while actively connected with the rest of the world. To compete in the IoT age, businesses need to reconsider their go-to-market strategy for their products. We at Citrus, partner with the pioneers in the industry and co-develop de-risked scalable connected solutions, from ideation to prototype to implementation, for greater and faster returns on investment for the enterprise.

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