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Citrus Consulting Services is the Consulting and the Transformation Services arm of Redington Gulf.

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Enterprise Data Management

Empowering Your Business with Timely Accurate Data with Standardization, Security and Governance, Through our Strategic Enterprise Data Management Portfolio

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Enterprise Data Management

The fuel of the 21st Century and upcoming eons – Data. Data is truly critical for any enterprise to truly indulge and benefit from Digital Transformation. The ability of an organization to precisely define, integrate and effectively retrieve data for consumption empowers them towards accurate creation of consistent and transparent content.

The need for Enterprise data Management arose for organizations where in end business users, independently source, model, manage and store data. Uncoordinated approaches by various segments in the organization often result in data conflicts and inconsistencies, lowering trust index of the data for operational and reportable uses.

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Quality and Governance

Description of user roles and profiles, rights and responsibilities, designing swim lanes of enhanced end user experience whilst ensuring that the business case forms the pivot of the solution enables us to identify and establish key facets of data enrichment, data quality analysis and master as well as meta data management.


Migration and Integration

The Organizations of today can no longer operate in silo’s, and to be able to truly harness the power of their underlying data, there ought to be a seamless synergy between business unit as well as operation wings – thereby enhancing value and enabling business driven decisions. Understanding homogenous and heterogeneous data types and creating a single point of truth, requires know how and deep dive knowledge of multiple technologies and platforms, which we consult our customers on.


Enrichment and Extraction

Often customers look at data sources in isolated spaces, thereby being unable to visualize the true power a second or their degree data source could macroscopically bring to their day to day decision making. Citrus consulting can help empower our customers with a business driven consultative approach in order to recommend additional data sources and integration to drive insights. We also help our customers to leverage existing data whose aggregated value they might have been missing out on thus far.


Best Practices

Security is job zero at Citrus Consulting. Ensuring global and industry best practices as a part of your data strategy forms the fulcrum of every proposed design and strategy at Citrus Consulting. Access based best practices, review of existing ecosystems, implementation of information management systems – we evaluate the reliability of the existing implementations and technology stacks in order to suggest the best ways to enhance security of the existing architecture. We aid in audits of your as-is scenario while also aiding you with future ready solutions.

Why Citrus?

Citrus Consulting has long been dedicatedly focused on helping Enterprises strategize and implement a holistic approach towards their current and future data needs. Our focus aims at precision, granularity and business value from the data at hand and integrating the same with business applications, catalyzing organizations to transition to data driven enterprises. Citrus’s team of data consultants aim at enabling and empowering our customers, with a future ready data platform and that solve the business problems of today and aid in creating differentiators for tomorrow.

Our Services

Citrus Consulting at its core is an emerging technology firm focusing on solving your problems of today and ensuring your readiness for tomorrow. Enterprise data management requires a strategic approach focused at People, Process, Technology and Data. We have dedicated team of business, data and technology consultants that aid our customers with a holistic approach which is technology agnostic in nature.

Business Driven Consulting

Our team of business consultants, enable any engagement with a focus on the business context at hand, rather than focusing on a technology centric approach. Definition of business goals, feasibility of business use case in terms of data at hand and possible data avenues form the cornerstone of the engagement. Customer centricity with focus on business users, management goals and future growth roadmaps enable us to move beyond the technology and aid the enterprise a consulting partner rather than a technology vendor.

A technology Agnostic Approach

Citrus Consulting has an experienced team of big data consultants having skills in a wide variety of technology stacks, thereby empowering our customers with multiple options be it Opensource or Enterprise, based on use case and requirements, also minimizing their dependency on any single vendor, tool or technology. Our solutions are built with a modular approach ensuring that customers are not locked in on any component of the larger solution stack. Our Offerings in this space range from Big Data Consulting Services, Big Data Analytics, Real Time Analytics for implementation of the advisory provided and Advanced Analytics Use Cases like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Our focus on a minimized Total Cost of Ownership

At Citrus Consulting, we truly imbibe that a tool and technology agnostic approach which is focused on solving the business problem of the customer at a minimized total cost of ownership, often leveraging maximum of their existing infrastructure and aiding in a redesigning and re-platforming approach rather than a rip and replace strategy.

Our Practices


Consulting & Advisory

Data discovery

Data strategy roadmap & Planning

Data Infrastructure modernization

Business case and cost benefit analysis


Data Design solutions

Data Architecture & Design

Data and platform governance

Master Data Management

Data Quality Management

Data security

Data Integration


Implementation as a Service (IaaS)

Data Ingestion


Data storage & Indexing

Data Automation


Support & Professional services

Data Migration – Cloud, Hybrid & On-Premises

Date warehouse and data Lake setup

Full stack Data Management Implementation

Our Expertise

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