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Citrus Consulting Services is the Consulting and the Transformation Services arm of Redington Gulf.

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AWS Lambda

Leverage AWS Serverless Computing to execute your code and pay only for what you use

With our serverless solutions leveraging AWS Lambda and other native services, we help our clients achieve the maximum of their core competencies and product innovations, instead of worrying about server and IT infrastructure management.

It is imperative for Citrus Consulting Services and Amazon Web Services (AWS) that our end customers focus on their core competencies rather than managing the hassles of IT infrastructure. Automation and Optimization are our fundamental baselines to help our customers make the most from AWS.

AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that enables you to run code without provisioning or managing servers, create workload-aware cluster scaling logic, manage event integrations, or manage runtimes. With Lambda, you can run code for virtually any type of back-end application or service without administration. Simply upload your code as a zip file or container image and Lambda will automatically and accurately allocate processing power and execute your code based on the incoming request or event for each amount of data. You can configure your code to trigger automatically from over 200 AWS services and SaaS applications, or you can call it directly from any web or mobile application.


How AWS Lambda works ?


We can use AWS Lambda for use cases like Data Processing, Real-Time File Processing, Real-Time Stream Processing, Machine Learning alongside IoT Backends, Mobile Backends and etc.

With AWS Lambda, you pay only for what you use, and the pricing is based on the number of requests for your functions and the duration, the time it takes for your code to execute. Lambda counts a request each time it starts executing in response to an event notification or invoke call, including test invokes from the console.

Benefits of AWS Lambda

No servers to manage

AWS Lambda automatically runs your code without requiring you to provision or manage infrastructure. Just write the code and upload it to Lambda either as a ZIP file or container image.

Continuous scaling

AWS Lambda automatically scales your application by running code in response to each event. Your code runs in parallel and processes each trigger individually, scaling precisely with the size of the workload, from a few requests per day, to hundreds of thousands per second.

Cost-optimized with millisecond metering

With AWS Lambda, you only pay for the compute time you consume, so you’re never paying for over-provisioned infrastructure. You are charged for every millisecond your code executes and the number of times your code is triggered. With Compute Savings Plan, you can additionally save up to 17%.

Consistent performance at any scale

With AWS Lambda, you can optimize your code execution time by choosing the right memory size for your function. You can also keep your functions initialized and hyper-ready to respond within double-digit milliseconds by enabling Provisioned Concurrency.


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