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Citrus Consulting Services is the Consulting and the Transformation Services arm of Redington Gulf.

Sunday – Thursday: 9:00AM–6:00PM (Sales), Sunday – Saturday: 24×7 / 365 (Support) E.O#3, Ground Floor, Building 01 Dubai Internet City, P.O Box 501 761 Dubai, UAE (+971) 04 516 1500
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Security Assessment

Helping Customers Gauge the Risk Profile of Their IT Ecosystem Through Our Expert Analysis on User Confidentiality, Sensitive Data, System Resources and More

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Security Assessment

One of the fundamental aspects to secure any organization from cyber-attacks is Comprehensive threat and Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). Our Comprehensive Security Assessments and Testing services helps you to recognize and evaluate your current security posture through a framework of industry best practices and regulatory compliance requirements.

At Citrus Consulting, we offer services such as Vulnerability Scanning, Penetration Testing Services, that helps to uncover vulnerabilities, assess their impact if exploited and test your team as well as your security controls.

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Vulnerabilities are introduced leaving systems susceptible to attacks due to constant application updates, patch management, changes to application and system configurations, even if your security controls are up to date. Scanning your systems on a regular basis, can help you secure your data and detect vulnerabilities as they arise.

We, at Citrus consulting carry out vulnerability assessments, Application security Assessment, Phishing Assessment and Penetration Testing, which helps us to locate the weak spots in your critical and valuable assets. This in turn helps us to take required actions before attackers compromise your business or steal your confidential data.

Why Citrus?

  • A group of ethical hackers locally based and carefully selected from all over the world.
  • Advisory driven, vendor neutral recommendations.
  • Robust R&D Department.
  • Minimal use of automated tools, manual exploitation of vulnerabilities.
  • CoE and continuous training, training is part of KPIs, knowledge is shared among team members.
  • Experience (as a team) in complex and critical environments.
  • Local team, global experience, understanding of the local needs & requirements

Our Services

Vulnerability Assessment

At Citrus Consulting as part of Vulnerability assessment services, we scan your web applications, networks and endpoints to detect the weak spots in your critical resources and take corrective measures before letting the attackers exploit your classified data. Vulnerability scanning is done using a combination of automated tools and manual scanning and analysis.

Penetration Testing

As part of Security penetration testing service, also known as red teaming exercise, we test your IT systems security resilience by exploiting the vulnerabilities identified as part of Vulnerability assessment. We further identify the access point attackers use to gain access to your network and confidential data, thereby making them the base of our further research and testing.

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