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Citrus Consulting Services is the Consulting and the Transformation Services arm of Redington Gulf.

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Bigdata Management

Quantify, Qualify and Monetize your data with our Big Data Management Services

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Big Data Management

Big data is a term that portrays the enormous volume of information – both structured and unstructured – that immerses the businesses daily. In Big data it is not the volume of data, which is important, it is the insights which are generated, leading to informed decisions by the organizations who are leveraging Big Data.

There are three V’s in Big Data:

  • Volume: The amount of data that is generated
  • Velocity: The speed of generating data
  • Variety: Structured and unstructured data
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Real-Time Insights

It is important for any organization to recognize the importance of the integration of Big Data with real-time insights. Citrus Consulting Services help their customers in generating real-time insights, identifying new customer segments, combined with a flexible decision engine which is leveraged by the customers and can truly harness the power of real-time analytics.


Big Data Batch Processing

Batch Processing can be defined as the processing of the data blocks which have been stored for a long period of time. Citrus Consulting services helps their customers in processing huge amount of data which the customers find it very difficult to handle and in turn creating precise data insights, trend analysis, identifying patterns for business improvement.


Unifying Structured and Unstructured Data

In today’s era most of the data is unstructured. It is categorized as qualitative data; it doesn’t contain data models and pre-defined structure. On the other hand, Structured data is referred as a quantitative data, for example credit card numbers, dates, names etc. Citrus Consulting services helps their customer in pinpointing different data points which could help them achieve their business goals. Citrus consulting services helps creating meaningful insights for their customers by merging the structured and unstructured data.


Best Practices

At Citrus Consulting we follow global and industry best practices in implementing Big Data Analytics. We define Big Data business goals for our customers to gather, analyze and understand their business goals. With our tool agnostic approach, we help our customers assess and determine which tool is best suited to implement Big Data and achieve their business goals. We manage our customers infrastructure used for big Data solution and always have an eye for continuous improvement to adjust to their business requirements in the future.

Why Citrus?

Citrus Consulting services with their tool agnostic approach have been assisting these organizations in transitioning into a data driven organizations. Our approach majorly focuses in utilizing the existing data provided by our customers and creating new growth opportunities, which in turn helps our customers to outperform their competition in this competitive market.

Our Services

Data Engineering

For Developing variety of analytics Solutions, Citrus Consulting’s Data Engineering team processes aids our customers manage wide range of data errands such as Volume, Velocity and Variety and enable them with the ability to deal with different sorts of data.

Data Cleansing and Data Enrichment

With the large volume of data being generated it becomes obligatory for any organization to go through Data Cleansing and Data Enrichment. Citrus Consulting helps their customers in finding out the corrupt or inaccurate data present in the database, spot the gaps and enrich the database with more accurate data. Eliminating corrupted data boosts up the marketing campaigns for the customers leading to more opportunities in hand.

Our Practices


Big Data Consulting

Big Data Implementations Plan and Strategy, Implementation Plan for both Cloud and Inhouse, High level architecture with technology components, Proof of Concept, Bottlenecks in current bigdata solution


Big Data Analytics Services

Dashboards based on KPIs, Data Cleaning and Preprocessing, Machine Learning Models training, ad hoc reports


Big Data Support

Platform Administration, Big Data infrastructure support, Data Cleaning, Backup and Recovery, Cluster and Node Monitoring, Hadoop Jobs Monitoring


Big Data Solution Implementation

Creation of Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, Complex ETL process, Reports and Dashboards, Data Management, Security Practices, Machine Learning / Deep Learning solutions

Our Expertise

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