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Social Media Analytics and Footfall Analysis during GITEX 2019 for a Regional Distributor

Customer Introduction

Redington Value is the Value Distribution division of Redington Gulf – the largest distributor of IT products in Middle East and Africa. Redington Value helps partners in the channel to deliver the most optimal IT solution to their customers in Middle East and Africa. These solutions span across technology domains such as networking, voice, servers, storage, software, security and infrastructure. With over 34 vendor relationships in various parts of Middle East and Africa, we ensure that all requirements of the channel are met under one-roof. This is supported by our in-house pre-sales expertise to support partners, regular sales/technical training and programs to benefit partners do more business.

Citrus Consulting Enables Social Media Analytics and Footfall Analysis during GITEX 2019 for a Regional Distributor Showcasing the Effectiveness of their Marketing and Resulting tractions.

Challenge Overview

Redington Marketing Team started a marketing campaign during GITEX 2019 week across different platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The main motive of this campaign is to increase the footfall at Redington booth through personal connect and social media presence. Redington Marketing Team wanted to achieve below goals:

  • To create Dashboard where we they can monitor the Flying Marketing Squad (FMS) Activity during the GITEX 2019 event.
  • To have a consolidated easy to access reporting tool for the social media marketing activities, where Redington can get insights to monitor if their overall goals have been achieved, and where to improve if necessary.

The major goal of Redington Marketing Team is to map the most visited area in the entire Redington GITEX stand to help them data driven pricing on booth allocation and associated real estate for regional distributors of technology in a more efficient way for the coming years.

Solution Overview

Social Media Analytics

Citrus created an easy to use reporting platform for the ease of reporting of their social media marketing activities The team identified all the KPIs that needs to be monitored and the insights that are used for reporting. For all the Social Media channels created the developer accounts and got the access to interact with their respective APIs available from these platforms.

Citrus team of data management experts created a pipeline which collects the data from all the social media platforms and dump the data to Elasticsearch. A model which predicts the sentiment of any kind of text from different social media platforms was created and integrated into the data pipeline.


The team of visualization experts, created visualization of the dashboards as agreed with customer using MicroStrategy tool and published the dashboard. Provided access of the dashboards to respective users prior to GITEX 2019 event for near real time social media sentiment analysis.

System Dashboard


Footfall Analysis

As a part of the engagement, Redington also required to understand the effectiveness of their social media and flying squad marketing initiatives, in terms of tangible footfall at their booths. As a part of this solution, Citrus Consulting, therein installed each vendor booth, within the Redington booth with cameras. Two cameras were installed and configured in order to enhance the coverage of Redington booth. The feed was consolidated using a gateway device.


A local area network was created at the booth in order to minimize cost and reduce dependency on the internet. An API was created which collected the camera live feed and gave the count of users at each region in the booth. The team set up a data pipeline which collect the live feed from camera and pass it to the API which gives the count and store the data into elastic. The team developed a logic to get the exact footfall at each region based on the amount of time spent by individuals at each region. The team of visualization experts created a dashboard with all the metrics as requested by the Marketing team and published the dashboard. Provided dashboard access to the users.

System Dashboard


Project Timelines

It took 2 Months to deliver both Social Media Analytics and Footfall analysis solutions. Upon understanding the customers’ requirement (data sources, KPIs, key objectives etc.), we know which are the data sources are that customer would like to perform the analytics on, created the developer accounts based on the data sources and finalized the solution architecture by phase one. In phase 2 created the data pipeline and other APIs for both social media data and data from camera feed. By the end of phase three developed the dashboards as per the KPIs for both the use cases and published the dashboard. Finally provided dashboard access to the users

Benefits Delivered to Customer

  • The outcome of footfall tracing is to map the most visited area in the entire Redington Booth to help them Price the Podium present in that specific area in a more efficient way for the coming years.
  • Dashboard to see all the footfall tracking metrics like most visited zone, busiest hour across the region and the booth, overall footfall etc.
  • Social Media Analytics solution helps Redington Marketing team to reduce the time taken for the daily reporting and monitoring activity during the event.
  • Model which predicts the sentiment of any kind of text.
  • All the KPIs from the Social Media data like total tweets/media per day, total likes and comments, highest number of retweets, popular hashtags, sentiment of the text etc.

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