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Interactive Real Time Documentation Using MicroStrategy

Customer Introduction

The fast growing airlines company which is under Emirati governmental authority actively concerned about drawing customs policy in cooperation along with customs administrations, to regulate customs work, and supervising implementation of it by customs administrations and related government authorities, and protecting the State from revenue fraud and smuggling operations in cooperation and coordination with competent authorities.

Citrus Consulting Services Enables Interactive Real Time Documentation Using MicroStrategy for the Fast Growing Airlines Company.

Challenge Overview

Customer encountered the following challenges which inclined them to evaluate and leverage capabilities of MicroStrategy

  • Customer needed their data in a format that is like a PowerPoint presentation, where several grid and graph reports can be seen at the same time with images and text.
  • Customer needed High-quality, Pixel Perfect documents that allow them to display their business data in a user-friendly way that is suitable for presentation to management for boardroom-quality material.
  • Customer needed an interactive way to quickly access their Drivers data to authorize them during the transportation.

Solution Overview

Architecture of MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy is a platform suite which mollifies both Business intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA) requirements within an organization. It structures powerful application software which can decide any question related to the past, present, or future of a given business, making MicroStrategy one of the unsurpassed platforms for BI and BA in the sooq. MicroStrategy has an ability to cover all BI/BA elegances from basic reporting, OLAP business analysis, scorecards and dashboards, to classy predictive analytics and data mining.


At MicroStrategy’s platform core is inherent in an Intelligence Server, that connects to a data layer. The data layer acts as a source of data, and it could be a relational database with enterprise data, such as a data warehouse or a specialized data mart. The Intelligence Server can also connect to a nonrelational data source such as transactional applications (OLTP), flat files, cube data structures, and website content and many more. There exists a metadata database or repository that helps the Intelligence Server to store the definitions of all objects of MicroStrategy.

MicroStrategy suite contains three main groups of client applications, or tools. The first one is, the client application. The client application permits the developers to produce reports and solutions for advanced analytics. The MicroStrategy client applications are MicroStrategy Developer, MicroStrategy Architect and MicroStrategy Web. In the second group for MicroStrategy client applications, the information is brought to the end users or analysts using MicroStrategy Mobile, MicroStrategy Web, Email, Printer, or Files like MicroStrategy Distribution Services, Narrowcast Server, or MicroStrategy Office. The last group of application client includes few applications that helps in managing and monitoring the business intelligence projects. Few examples of third group of application clients include MicroStrategy Object Manager, MicroStrategy Command Manager, MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager, and MicroStrategy Integrity Manager.

MicroStrategy Document Creation

MicroStrategy is a business intelligence platform that bids a comprehensive set of tools for the conception, deployment, provision and upkeep of business intelligence applications.

A MicroStrategy Report Services document comprises of objects which represents the data coming from one or more MicroStrategy reports, as well as images and shapes. Documents can be included in as many ways as we want and are commonly structured to suit business needs, in a single display of presentation excellence. Dataset is a set of data which can be displayed on a document, Report Services dashboard, or Visual dashboard.


A dataset can be used in different forms like MicroStrategy report, MicroStrategy Intelligent Cube, or data imported directly from an external data source. Reports can be presented as Freeform SQL reports, Query Builder reports, MDX cube reports, and reports with access to Intelligent Cubes. Intelligent Cubes can be based on MicroStrategy inbuilt data or imported data. The dataset can include attributes, custom groups, consolidations which are also called as MicroStrategy objects. We have made use of free form reports as the dataset of Documents for customer.

Solution Architecture

Our solution connects existing gateway, Database and Restful API’s to Data Lake to store third party data, Historical Tracking data, Driver identification system and other data from Government entities. Data stored in Data Lake will be transformed and aggregated to create business required Dossiers and Dashboards. Using Driver identification data source, Real time transactional report of driver validation and consignment validation needs to be integrated into onsite personal. Using MicroStrategy documents, real time transactional documents are created to verify and validate Driver and consignment details before Exit from pickup to Entry to warehouse.

Real time transactional data are pushed into Data lake to track historical data when needed. Business user dashboards like Shipment overview, Logistics provider overview, and Executive Dashboards are created based on Transactional and Historical data.

Business users can access dashboards, Reports and documents using Mobile and web interface. Reports can be exported into PDF or share among business users using collaborative engine in MicroStrategy.

Project Timelines

Projects starts with Requirement gathering and Platform setup. MicroStrategy Enterprise Edition is deployed in multi node machine with Developer and Workstation tools. MicroStrategy machines are whitelisted in Transactional databases for Dashboard and Document creation. Driver and Consignment Registration and Validation Documents are created with MicroStrategy Transactional services using free form reports. Data from Documents are pushed onto Data Lake for Historical tracking, Operational Reports and Dossiers. Using source data, Operational, CXO and Logistics Dashboards are created based on business needs. Verification and validation of data has been performed by business users, Post which MicroStrategy Documents, Dossiers, Dashboards are pushed for Production. Training, KT and Signoff marks the end of Project.

Benefits Delivered to Customer

  • Real time Tracking on Driver and consignment.
  • Ensuring 100% Speed of access to reports and documents in real time.
  • Easy approach for setting up and modifying dashboards.
  • Instinctive UX for non-experienced users.
  • Collection of data- MSTR uses various attributes and metrics to create data for customer in a required format with formats and filters.
  • MSTR is a tool that has great capability of generating Dashboards which are useful for higher management to review it.
  • Customer can authenticate their drivers by making driver details like date of birth, Driving license number etc.
  • With data analytics perspective, MSTR does most of the excel work within itself. disregards excel in most of the needs.

Project Info