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Operational Agility for MBUZZ Technologies Through Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Customer Introduction

MBUZZ Technologies is a subsidiary of MBUZZ Group – established in 2007. With headquarters in KSA, MBUZZ has a geographical presence in UAE, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Over the years, MBUZZ Technologies has evolved as a trusted Value-added Distributor in category leading Data Center, Security and Networking Solutions in the Middle East and North Africa with highly efficient logistics facilities. Our group is committed to continually adding new strategic vendors to our distribution portfolio to deliver the best products and services to partners and clients including Artificial Intelligence, Document Imaging, Telecom, Servers and Storage along with Big Data.

Citrus Consulting Services Enables The MBUZZ Technologies to Achieves Operational Agility by Setting Up Microsoft Workloads on Amazon Web Services.

Challenge Overview

MBUZZ Technologies encountered the following challenges which inclined them to evaluate and leverage public cloud platforms

  • MBUZZ Technologies was constrained to invest a hefty amount for the procurement of IT Infrastructure for their business applications, thereby assuaged for an OPEX Model.
  • Critical workloads like SAP, Microsoft, Oracle running for MBUZZ Technologies had a fundamental requirement of placing different technologies on their infrastructure, which aided their inclination to use AWS public cloud platform; which is a one stop shop for uncovering multiple technologies under one roof.

Solution Overview

MBUZZ Technologies’ infrastructure was deployed to a single availability zone within the Frankfurt region.

  • AWS VPN was used to connect the MBUZZ Technologies’ onsite to AWS Region where the resources were hosted.
  • Multiple EC2 instances were launched for SAP B1 Client hosting the Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and SAP B2 Server were used to host the SAP HANA Relational Database Management System.
  • Multiple EC2 instances with EBS Volumes attached were hosted inside AWS VPC to provide the logical isolation inside the AWS Public Cloud Platform.
  • Multiple EC2 instances with EBS Volumes attached were hosted inside AWS VPC to provide the logical isolation inside the AWS Public Cloud Platform.

MBUZZ Technologies’ infrastructure is running on AWS Cloud while leveraging multiple services of AWS like Elastic Compute Cloud to house the various VMs designated for different operations of MBUZZ Technologies and provide secure and resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Each EC2 instance has an attached Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume, a high-performance block storage service designed for use with Amazon EC2 for both throughput and transaction intensive workloads at any scale. This pairing of EC2 instances and EBS Volumes resides safely in the AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). The VPC then provisions a logically isolated section of the AWS Cloud where the resources were launched in a defined virtual network.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) was used, a storage service offering industry-leading scalability, availability, security, resiliency and performance. Amazon S3 was used to host and store the static content of the application along with Amazon CloudWatch, a service for monitoring and observability of the application and infrastructure resources.

Project Timelines

The greenfield deployment project for MBUZZ Technologies took about 2 weeks of effort; in turn subdivided into milestones for setting up the base infrastructure, deploying a set of EC2 instances followed by the configuration of the Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and SAP HANA Database. Finally, concluding it all off by setting up the monitoring and governance tools along with distinct testing schemes.

Benefits Delivered to Customer

  • Complete and successful deployment of the entire IT infrastructure on AWS.
  • Setting up Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and SAP Hana Database with network connection between all the nodes.
  • Complete the validation of the entire hosted infrastructure along with user acceptance in order to check the functionality of the entire system.
  • Considerable drop in the overall TCO for MBUZZ Technologies
  • Setting up and managing the overall IT Infrastructure for MBUZZ Technologies including the setup and configuration of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and SAP Hana Database
  • A complete change to focus on the OPEX model from a CAPEX model which lowered the TCO by nearly 25%.
  • Ensuring a 100% business continuity for MBUZZ Technologies through 24/7 Managed Support Services provided by Citrus Consulting Services.