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Citrus Consulting Services is the Consulting and the Transformation Services arm of Redington Gulf.

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Laying the Foundation for Business Growth

The Customer:

Datanuum is a specialized Customer Data and Marketing Platform (CDMP), designed for specific segments (Retail, Hospitality, Specialized Healthcare), with out-of-the-box data-driven marketing capabilities needed to activate first-party data and deliver exceptional customer experiences in a simple and cost-effective manner.

The CDMP solution enables B2C businesses to connect, unify, and unlock their customer data potential in order to start optimizing their customer engagement and marketing budget, ensuring a hyper-personalized customer experience across all channels.

The Challenge:

Dan Sithambaram, Director, MEA Business and Operations, Citrus Consulting, discusses how specialized customer data and marketing platform, Datanuum, sought to meet the challenge of their growing clients’ data needs by leveraging next-gen infrastructure services to automate scalability with minimum intervention.

“Serverless technologies eliminate infrastructure management tasks, so the customer can focus on building capabilities that serve their customers.”

Datanuum, a specialized customer data and marketing platform (CDMP) operating in the retail, hospitality and specialized healthcare space, needed to activate first-party data and deliver exceptional customer experiences in a simple and cost-effective manner.

To help its clients drive the greatest revenue per transaction, increase customer lifetime value, and improve loyalty, Datanuum collects data in real time and analyzes consumer behavior and provides insights on the fly so that the company’s clients can communicate with their customers in a timely and relevant manner through automation. For Datanuum to be successful, it must deliver those insights in real time, while ensuring robust security of consumer behavior data.

We needed a solution that would be cost-effective and flexible, ensuring that our system can scale up on demand to meet our clients’ seasonal traffic and to scale down when their traffic goes down to be cost efficient,” said Datanuum’s CTO Mustafa Sadek. The company also needed a solution that would provide low latency and high availability to a worldwide audience

The Solution:

Seeking a partner to drive forward its growth, Datanuum opted to work with Citrus Consulting based on the company’s prior experience in similar scenarios for customers across the UAE and KSA. Citrus prides itself on comprising a team of technologists and problem solvers whose core competencies are around emerging technologies. As Advanced Consulting Partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company boasts end-to-end solutions on the AWS Cloud – from strategy and design to migration and operations.

“One of the customer’s core focus areas when working with us was to ensure that the application is decoupled, thereby enabling agile feature deployments and minimizing manual intervention, as well as enhancing scalability for both application and infrastructure,” said Dan Sithambaram, Director, MEA Business and Operations, Citrus Consulting.

Once Datanuum approved the strategy recommended by Citrus for scalability and availability, Citrus pushed ahead with enabling auto scaling for all individual application components and features. “We positioned Serverless Stack, including AWS Fargate with AWS CodeDeploy and AWS CodeCommit, as the go-to technology on the infrastructure side,” said Sithambaram. “AWS offers technologies for running code, managing data, and integrating applications – all without managing servers. Serverless technologies feature automatic scaling, built-in high availability, and a pay-for-use billing model to increase agility and optimize costs. These technologies also eliminate infrastructure management tasks like capacity provisioning and patching, so the customer can focus on building capabilities that serve their customers.”

The migration from the traditional monolithic application design to a microservices based architecture –
incorporating key features of autoscaling, minimized threat exposure and serverless technologies took approximately 28 days. Since the implementation, Datanuum has enjoyed a number of benefits as a result of the project.

“Through the deployment of numerous native AWS CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) tools, the customer benefitted from a faster time to detect and correct production escapes, leading to a faster rate of release, in addition to following a simplified process for making small code changes, leading to fewer unintended consequences,” said Sithambaram

As a result of further innovative solutions – such as the implementation of Amazon CloudWatch – enabling insights on infrastructure through custom dashboards, and continuous deployment solutions ensuring that software delivery is efficient, resilient, rapid and secure, Datanuum has seen significant business value in the partnership. “Some of the most notable new features include the Serverless Architecture, deployed leveraging AWS Fargate and AWS Lambda amongst others, to implement automated scalability, plus the centralization of Datanuum’s code repository through AWS CodeCommit and GitHub,” added Sithambaram.
Following the deployment, Citrus Consulting continues to serve the customer through managing its infrastructure on AWS. In addition, Citrus is supporting the customer’s application team with code and feature deployments within the managed services model, offering round-the-clock availability.
“Citrus team played a key role in helping us move to a scalable and more stable AWS infrastructure. They worked closely with our team to help us identify the code changes we needed to do and patiently worked with us to ensure a smooth transition from our old infrastructure to the new AWS one. We continue to rely on the Citrus team to ensure we continue to adopt the latest AWS technologies and to maintain our growing infrastructure. Our partnership with Citrus has enabled to focus on what technology to build next and to keep our clients happy, without having to worry about the readiness of our infrastructure,” said Sadek, Datanuum’s CTO.

About Citrus Consulting Services:

Citrus Consulting Services includes a team of technologists and problem solvers who live agile methods every day, whose core competencies are around Emerging Technologies and industry verticals that leverages these technologies. As Advanced Consulting Partners for AWS, the company boasts end to end solutions on the AWS Cloud right from strategy, design to migration and operations.