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Implementation of Cyberark PAM Solution For Business Enterprise In UAE

Customer Introduction

A Business Enterprise in UAE which provides its services on Commercial, Contracting and Services, Real Estate, Travel & Tourism and Investment

Challenge Overview

Being involved in different businesses, Organization has vast number of vendors across different applications. It is really hard when we have to manage the access to multiple vendors as per the requirements.

Password management for different kind of applications, servers and accounts is critical for IT teams as they have a lot of accounts that need to be accessed as per the business needs.

Protecting the malicious insiders from attacking the environment or doing any malicious activities is critical part for organization as it may result in some critical damage

Solution Overview

With the CyberArk Remote Access solution, it is easy to provision, manage and delete the access easily. Alero will help in ending the need of provisioning VPN access.

CyberArk password management will take over the risk of Managing, Maintaining and Updating passwords of all type of accounts. No user will have access to any password or ssh key of his own account.

CyberArk PTA will monitor the servers for any malicious activities and will automatically detect, terminate or suspend the session to prevent any kind of damage.

Business Value Delivered

Vendors can be managed easily now with the CyberArk Remote Access solution from the Alero portal and can be restricted to using the resources in the specified timeframe.

Now users are not worrying about changing, managing and maintaining the passwords for any kind of accounts as all the password management operations is taken care by CyberArk.

CyberArk PTA is now in place and is capable of monitoring, detecting and helps in preventing attacks before causing damage.

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