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An Introduction to VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution (VCDR)

A relatively smaller proportion of companies were prepared for the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic would have on their business and IT infrastructure, including accelerated shifts in their IT strategies and expedited timelines in terms of digital transformation. While productivity, process automation, and security components are to be transformed to adapt to situations like the pandemic, a company should also focus on changing disaster recovery strategies to align them with modified IT strategies. 

Transforming your company’s disaster recovery strategy to cloud-based solutions in Dubai is considered a natural fit because of the resilient and distributed nature of DR architecture. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is a VMware cloud foundation on-demand disaster recovery service that is delivered as a SaaS solution. Utilizing the cloud-based disaster recovery solution can provide access to multiple benefits. Read further to know everything about the VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery solution.

What is VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery solution?

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is an on-demand disaster recovery service of VMware that is offered as a SaaS solution. This particular solution offers cloud economics which further helps in keeping a company’s disaster management costs under control. Based on technology from VMWare’s recent acquisition of Datrium, VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery solution will enable in-house IT teams to resume crucial business operations easily and effectively in the cloud (VMware Cloud on AWS) after facing a disaster event in their on-premises environment.

As per the best technology consultants, cloud disaster recovery is the best solution to protect your vSphere virtual machines as it allows replicating them regularly to the cloud and recovering them as and when needed to the target VMware Cloud on AWS Software-Defined Data Center. It is easy to create a target SDDC immediately before performing a recovery and also it doesn’t need to be provisioned to support the replications in the steady state. 

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions provide a DRaaS solution that is easy to set up and operate. With it, an organization can extend the current VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions, build on the VMware Cloud on the AWS platform, and also leverage its existing VMware vSphere on-premises capabilities. 

What are the components of VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions?

There are two main components of VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery solution and these are the cloud-based services and the on-premises components. 

Cloud-based Services

Cloud-based services are further sub-categorized into two components:

  • SaaS Orchestrator

A cloud component, SaaS Orchestrator, presents a user interface (UI) that allows consuming the Service Offering and also includes several disaster recovery orchestration capabilities for automating the disaster recovery process. It provides a centralized management dashboard to connect a company’s on-premises protected sites to the cloud-based DR resources, manage the scheduled protection groups operations to secure business data to the cloud-based data center, and orchestrate the company’s DR plans for testing or actual failover. 

The SaaS-based management console will help in simplifying DR maintenance operations and eliminating the burden of the life cycle that is managing the disaster recovery software. In addition to this, the Orchestrator provides a direct path to create and manage the VMC SDDC which further simplifies the cloud site management when required.

  • Scale-out Cloud File System

It is a component that makes it possible to efficiently store the backups of the protected virtual machines in cloud storage and also allows recovering the virtual machines within less possible time without carrying out a data rehydration process. It will provide a company with a sophisticated cloud-based file system datastore to hold several point-in-time copies of the protected VMs in native VM format. Scale-out cloud file system enables the quick recovery from a Live Mount connection to the SDDC when needed for disaster recovery.

On-premises Components

DRaaS Connector component is available for on-premises VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions. A DRaaS connector is a virtual appliance that is installed in the VMware vSphere environment where virtual machines that are to be protected run under normal circumstances. This is an OVA that can be easily deployed. It provides the basic vSphere snapshot and change block tracking mechanism for transporting the company’s on-premises VM data to the Scale-out cloud file system for disaster recovery.

Capabilities and Benefits of VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery solution

The following listed are key capabilities and benefits of the VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery solution:

  • Comprehensive SaaS simplicity across disaster recovery automation, recovery and site preparedness as and when needed, the SCFS, and failback/
  • There is no need for VM format conversions
  • Instant power-on of VMs
  • Cloud-based “Live Mount” snapshots 
  • Optional pilot light clusters
  • Disaster and cybercrime recovery based on backups
  • Highly efficient cloud storage or data centers for backups
  • Minimal AWS egress charges
  • End-to-end security from different threats
  • Automated compliance reporting

Why is the VMware cloud solution fit for disaster recovery?

VMware infrastructure is available on both SDDC vCenter for VMC on AWS and on-premises sites and the best cloud computing company is already familiar with VMware infrastructure. Utilizing this particular solution is beneficial during DR testing or failover as companies don’t need to learn new operational processes and also, they don’t need to invest in tools of different cloud infrastructures.

With VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery solution, organizations can manage both the cloud DR and production sites by accessing VMware vCenter. In addition to this, you can retain access to familiar vSphere constructs, including clusters, datastores, resource pools, port groups, and virtual switches – following a failover.

Final Thoughts!

No matter where a company is in the journey of cloud, it’s high time for it to rethink its approach to disaster recovery and modernize the DR plan. The first step that is to be undertaken is assessing the existing Infrastructure environment and then figuring out the strategic demands of the business to determine the best approach.

When thinking of utilizing VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions, make sure to work with professional cloud service providers in the UAE. Citrus Consulting, a Dubai-based company offers the best cloud solutions to its clients. IT professionals will help you get on the right path to success by laying out different VCDR options for optimizing the disaster recovery process and reducing DR costs. 

For more information, contact Citrus Consulting at (+971) 04 516 1500 or email info@citrusconsulting.com.

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