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Implementation of Cyberark PAM Solution For Leading Financial Company In Saudi

Customer Introduction

A leading omnichannel fintech brand delivering digital financing solutions to Saudi nationals seeking micro-financing assistance through personal and consumer loans.

Challenge Overview

Accurate Auditing has become the primary requirement as there are multiple accounts on each server and is a very time-consuming process to analyze all the activities and maintain holistic records of them.

If anyone needed access to an application, server, or necessary system, password requests were processed through a service center and issued by hand by the IT team.

Wanted to restrict the vendors from accessing the infra at any time.

Additionally, password inventory was stored in an Excel file, audit reports were limited, and the process for manually resetting passwords after each use wasn’t efficient.

Solution Overview

CyberArk core pas offers the privileged session recording and monitoring for every account that is onboarded on it. Hence every session on the privileged account can be monitored in real-time and as well have a video recording of every activity done which can be used for analysis.

CyberArk Admins can give access to any server, application, or system without sharing the password or key with end-users and passwords can be changed every 60 days or as per an organization’s requirement without the need for manual intervention.

3rd Party resources and Vendors can be given access to resources on an approval-based workflow from the internal team in the approved timeframe.

Business Value Delivered

CyberArk reduced the risk of exchanging the passwords between the users and reduced the overhead of changing the passwords as per the organization’s policy requirements.

Now vendors are able to access the resources without having to provide their users and they are restricted to access based on the approval of the internal team in the approved timeframe.

Secured the resources not only from outside attackers but also from malicious insiders by implementing alerts for suspicious activities.

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