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AWS Workspaces

The Amazon workspace are secure managed cloud desktops that make it easy for users to access Applications, Documents, and Resources from anywhere on any supported device. It is a Complete DAAS (Desktop-as-a-Service) which can be provisioned on Windows or Linux Desktops in minutes to deliver on the promise of BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) enable remote, mobile and contract employees in streamline Test and Development process.


Since the data is a stream to your devices in an encrypted format and not stored locally Amazon Workspace helps improves your security and it helps to reduce cost and complexity by eliminating the need of building on-primes infrastructure legacy VDI deployment.

Use Case

The COVID-19 has forced several countries into lockdown, imposing inconvenience in the corporate sector, medical sector, tourism sector, and many other important industries. With an increase in social distancing and self-quarantining across various companies globally, the culture of work from home’, popularly known as WFH, has sprung up into the mainstream. But how ready are we as corporates and as employees to work virtually?

To Overcome such Global crises and maintain the supply chain of the industries AWS comes with an Offer called Amazon Workspace.

AWS Workspace Architecture


The Users will log into the supported devices or web browser and enter their login credentials from internet pass through the authentication gateway. The Auth Gateway present inside the AWS Managed VPC which takes the user details and sends it to the Directory services which is running in your AWS infrastructure. Once the user is authenticated and authorized by the Directory services the credentials will pass on through the amazon Workspaces and streaming gateways comes into the picture.

All the pixels of your workspaces get streamed through the streaming gateway and reaches to the user. The Authentications happens on the port 443 and the streaming, network health checks will happen on port 4170. Every Amazon workspace will have two Eni’s as indicated blue & green colour in the architecture diagram. The blue coloured Eni is an eth0 or a management Eni and the green coloured is a primary Eni that is eth1. All the user interaction will happen on eth1 while all the management and streaming will happen on eth0.

Amazon Workspace Components


Create a Workspace in No Time

  1. From the AWS services select the aws workspace and configure the Directory services.

2. Select your Directory Services.


3. Here we can create a user or can select the existing user from the directory services for whom you want to give this workspace.


4. Bundle offers you to select the compute, operating system and storage for your workspace. Please follow the below link for pricings.



5. Workspace configuration here you need to select the running modes. We have two types of running modes.

  • Always on: This running mode will be billed monthly and gives the instant access to the Workspace.
  • Autostop: This running mode will be billed hourly and workspace will start automatically when the user login, and stops when the workspace no longer in use. We also have an option called auto-stop which will stop the workspace when it reaches the mentioned time.

6. Once the review is done and clicks on the launch it will take 20 minutes to become available to the user to access the workspace. Once the workspace is available the user will get the mail with the workspace client link and Registration code.


Installation of Workspace Client to Access Workspace

  1. https://clients.amazonworkspaces.com/ from the link we can download the workspace to your local system.

2. The user will be prompted with the registration code where you need to enter the code which you have recevied in the mail.


3. The default Workspace screen you will see once you logged into the Workspace.


Harikrishna Surisetti is a Associate Engineer at Citrus Consulting Services. He had 2 years of experience in AWS Infrastructure implementation,Office 365. He has executed multiple projects in domains of AWS Cloud infrastructure, Architecture and Implemented monitoring solutions for IT infra with the tools like Zabbix, Grafana.

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