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CloudEndure Migration Tool

CloudEndure Migration simplifies the migration process. CloudEndure is the simple migration tool, which helps us to move an application from any physical, virtual, or any cloud-based infrastructure to the AWS platform with free charges.

Using CloudEndure Migration Tool we can expedites the procedure of migration and reduces the cost of cloud migration.

CloudEndure Architecture

CloudEndure Architecture

By using CloudEndure Migration, we can avoid unnecessary downtime of the source machine while doing replication. As CloudEndure provides benefits of continuous data replication of source machines into a staging area in your AWS account without affecting performance.

When the replication process complete and you are ready to launch the machines, CloudEndure Migration automatically converts your machines from their source infrastructure into the AWS infrastructure so they can boot and run natively in AWS.

The steps for this migration are as follows:

  1. Creation of a CloudEndure Migration account.
  2. Create the project and define replication settings.
  3. CloudEndure agent installation on the source machine.
  4. Monitor replication status and define blueprint.
  5. Launch replicated machine in test mode and verify the replicated data.
  6. Perform final cutover migration.
  7. Perform cleanup activities.


To prepare your network for running CloudEndure Migration, set the following connectivity settings:

  • Communication over TCP port 443:
    • Between the source machines and the CloudEndure user console.
    • Between the staging area and the CloudEndure user console.
  • Communication over TCP port 1500:
    • Between the source machines and the staging area.

The following diagram shows the required ports that you must open from the source and the staging area subnets: dates


The initial process of the replication starts by installing CloudEndure Agent on the specific source machines. This agent installation does not require reboot and does not intervene with the on-going activities. Once the CloudEndure agent installation has been done it connects to self-service, web based CloudEndure User Console. API calls are generated to AWS destination region to create a staging environment which resides the replicated data.

Once the replication starts, the staging area consists of lightweight EC2 instances that act as Replication Servers and low-cost staging EBS volumes. Each source disk is mapped to an identically sized, low-cost EBS volume in the staging area. The Replication Servers receive data from source machine using CloudEndure Agent running on it and writes data into staging EBS volumes. One Replication Server can handle multiple source machines replication concurrently.

After all the source disks data have been replicated into the staging area, the CloudEndure Agent keeps continuous track on the source machine and replicate any changes to the source disks in real-time.

This continuous asynchronous replication is done at the block level, which enables CloudEndure Migration to replicate any application that runs on supported x86-based Windows and Linux OSs that allow agent installation. On the CloudEndure console customer must configure a Target Machine Blueprint, which consists of the details such as, where each machine should be launched and how it should be provisioned at time of test mode or cutover mode migration.

When the Target Machines gets launched, CloudEndure Migration spins up a temporary machine called Converter which is responsible for making the necessary changes for booting and running the replicated machine on the target environment. Once the process of getting the machine up is served, this converter machine is auto-deprovisioned.

Creation of CloudEndure Migration Account

Once the Account creation completes, gives you access to free CloudEndure Migration licenses for your migration project.

Create Project and Define Replication Settings

After the CloudEndure account gets activated, a default project is already present on the account. You can continue with the default project or create a new project based on the requirements of your migration. For completing the project setup following are needed:

  • On the Setup & Info page, provide AWS access key ID and AWS Secret key ID of the AWS account where you want to migrate the source machine.
  • AWS access key ID and AWS Secret key ID of the IAM user which is having enough permission to perform the migration activity and click on Save.

Before proceeding with the CloudEndure migration, setup the replication settings for AWS, such as target infrastructure details, replication server configuration, VPN and proxy settings.

  1. From Setup & Info tab, choose Replication Settings.
  2. Select your migration source and target environments.
    • Choose the subnet created for the staging environment in your staging VPC.
    • Specify the instance type for the replication server and the security group.
  3. Select the disk type as desired. Fat SSD data disks can be used as default. To speed up the replication process CloudEndure chooses GP2 volumes for disks that are larger than 500 GB.
  4. Select whether the traffic flows through public or private network to replicate data to staging area on AWS. For the traffic to flow over a private connection, choose Use VPN or Direct Connect.
  5. Provide tags for Staging Area
  6. Enable Network Bandwidth Throttling to regulate traffic and minimize bandwidth congestion
  7. After defining all your settings, choose Save Replication Settings.

CloudEndure Agent Installation on Source Machine

For Windows machines:
  • Download the Agent Installer for Windows
  • Install the agent with provided token
windows settings
For Linux machines:
  • Download the CloudEndure Agent Installer for Linux:
linux settings
  • Then run the installer and follow the instruction
linux installer

Monitor Replication Status and Define Blueprint

After the data replication completes, and before proceeding to the final cutover you can verify data by launching machine in test mode. Test mode is useful to verify that your source machines are working correctly in the target environment and infrastructure. Test mode enables to identify any issues ahead of final cutover migration and resolve them.

To launch machine in test mode:

  1. Choose the machine
  2. Select Launch Machine in Test Mode
  3. Choose Continue when prompted

The progress on the launch can be monitored from Job Progress blade.

Launch Replicated Machine in Test Mode and Verify Replicated Data

After CloudEndure agent installation, the machine appears in the CloudEndure console. You can monitor the replication status through the CloudEndure Console itself.

Once the initial sync completes, you can update the blueprint according to the machine requirement

  1. Select the machine from the replicated machines
  2. Edit the Blueprint
  3. Specify the machine type
  4. Assign respective tags for the target machine
  5. Choose Disk type and Save Blueprint

Perform Final Cutover Migration

Once the machines have been tested in test mode, you can proceed for cutover migration.

  1. Select Launch Target Machines and select desired machines.
  2. Choose Cutover Mode

The CloudEndure provides functionality to perform cutover of number of machines at the same time. Before proceeding with final cutover migration make sure all source data has been replicated on the replication machine and stop the source machine.

You can check the cutover operation status in the Tab for Job progress.

Performing Cleanup Activities

Once the cutover migration completes and is verified, remove the machine from CloudEndure Console.

  1. Select a specific machine and choose machine action
  2. Remove machine from this console
  3. It takes few minutes for CloudEndure Migration to clean up the instances and volumes in the staging area
  4. Terminate instances from the On-premise infrastructure

Shraddha is Associate Support Engineer at Citrus Consulting Services. She has approximately 7 years hands-on experience in Office 365, Linux Administration, AWS and Monitoring tool like Zabbix. She is having a knowledge of AWS, System administration of Linux and Windows environments.

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