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Scalable Ecommerce Store with AWS Cloud

If you are running an eCommerce store on a single server or a shared hosting environment, you may often experience the site having high latencies and downtime due to peak traffic by an ongoing marketing campaign. A situation like this can cause the campaigns to backfire resulting in business loss.

Worry no more. with aws cloud services businesses could achieve a highly available store that can scale as per the demand without breaking the bank.

Decoupled Approach

Aws offers a wide variety of services for specific workload requirements. In a monolithic approach, services required for the application are sharing the same host resulting in resource exhaustion at peak loads. A monolithic architecture can only be scaled vertically but with a decoupled approach the application can scale horizontally providing seamless efficiency.

Below is a sample AWS architecture diagram


Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon elastic compute cloud is a pay-as-you-go compute service that can scale on demand. A web server software along with the application runtime can be installed in ec2 instances to process the incoming traffic requests that act as the Application Servers. With Ec2 saving plans businesses can further reduce operational costs up to 72%.


Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora is a fully managed relational database that has a performance coefficient of 5X at 1/10th the cost of any other database. It takes away the tedious tasks of database administration and has a built-in autoscaling feature. Offloading the application database to aurora ensures the availability of the database at peak traffic. A read replica can be configured to further optimize the database.


Elastic File System

Amazon elastic file system is a serverless storage service that scales in and out based on available data. EFS can act as shared file storage that stores the application source code and can be mounted to the Application Servers. Another benefit of EFS is storage-based cost i.e., businesses only need to pay for the storage they are using at any given time.


Amazon Simple Storage Service

Amazon S3 is an object storage service with high scalability. It is best suited to store the static contents of the application such as media files and backups. Storing Media files in s3 reduces the load on Application servers and improves the latency.


Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network that delivers static content to visitors from the nearest edge locations. CloudFront reduces the latency of requests making websites load faster.


AWS Auto Scaling

Auto Scaling automatically adjusts the capacity of a service based on desired, minimum, and maximum parameter. Configuring dynamic scaling policy with step scaling based on average CPU utilization or the requests per second to load balancer scales the EC2 application servers horizontally. Scaling in helps to optimize the cost by removing additional nodes when not required.


Amazon Elastic Load Balancer

As the name suggests the AWS ELB distributes the incoming traffic to multiple targets. This is especially useful when we have more than one Application Server. Whenever auto-scaling happens the additional application server gets registered to a target group that comes under the ELB.


Amazon Simple Email Service

An eCommerce application has to send out order notifications to the customer once an order is made. SES is a cost-effective and flexible solution for sending emails. SES supports transactional, marketing, bulk emails, and the best part of SES is businesses only need to pay for what they use.

How Can I Implement This?

At Citrus, our team of certified engineers can help migrate your eCommerce workloads to the AWS cloud, thereby enabling unmatched operational efficiency and cost optimization.

He is an Emerging Technology Associate Consultant with an experience of over 2 years in working with technologies like AWS. He has aided in designing and optimizing multiple AWS solutions for customers in the Middle East and Africa region enabling them in their swift and seamless Digital Transformation journey. A Certified AWS Solution architect, he is an AWS evangelist empowering customer adoption and expedited onboarding of different emerging technologies and services from varying industries and segments.

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