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Traydstream And Citrus Consulting Partnership: What To Expect

Algorithmic trading is nothing new to trading enthusiasts. Algorithmic or automated trading is a program that follows a set of defined instructions to place a trade, generating profits at a speed and frequency inconceivable through manual trading processes.

Algorithmic trading has become the need of the hour for banks and financial institutes to stay on top of their game, helping their clients reap profits. Automating the trading process often gives tremendous results and benefits, some of which are listed below-

  • The trade automation ensures that all trades are executed at the best possible prices
  • All trade order placement is instant and accurate, with increased chances of execution at desired levels
  • Powered by AI and machine learning, automated trading programs can time trades in such a way that significant price changes and fluctuations are avoided
  • Automated trade programs are capable of checking multiple market conditions simultaneously, thereby reducing the risk of manual errors when placing trades
  • As the trading program is completely controlled by the algorithm, there the possibility of human-made errors is greatly reduced.

Depending upon the unique program and customizations available, trading programs that are currently available in the market may show varying capabilities. Customers choose their trading platform after careful consideration of their particular requirements and the suite of functions offered by the algorithmic trading program. 

With this understanding, let us look further into what the partnership between Traydstream And Citrus Consulting means and how it will affect the MENA region’s trading scenario.

The partnership

Traydstream is a Trade Finance Technology firm founded in 2015. A pioneer in fintech, the company built revolutionary software that can replace the inefficient and protracted trade finance processing methods in use, facilitating smarter and safer transactions worldwide.

As a cloud-based platform that can extract data intelligently through machine-learned tactics, digitize and store trade finance documentation, validate transaction documents, and complete compliance checks, getting Tradystream in action will redefine and streamline trade finance processing. 

To effectively deliver and implement the Traydstream platform for clients in the MENA region, the firm has partnered with team Citrus. As a managed IT firm, Citrus has access to expert knowledge and experience that is required to successfully deliver Traydstream’s trading services. The partnership allows Traydstream to access our equipment and services and provide feasible solutions to our end customers. As a service delivery partner, we are focused on maintaining the systems, troubleshooting issues, and keeping the algorithmic trading platform future-proofed and running without glitches.

The partnership between Tradystream and our Citrus team is sure to bring customer success by disrupting and transforming their trade operations. Banking and other financial services customers across the MENA region can expect growth of their market share and avoid non-compliance trading risks and thereby serve the end customers better for a long time.

For more information on cloud consulting and managed IT services at Citrus Consulting, talk to our experts today.

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