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Benefits of Serverless Computing in AWS

Every modern business with web-based applications runs its operations on cloud services. But, you need to choose a reliable cloud computing system to ensure maximum benefits for business operations. If you’re in the early stage of setting up a computing system or in the middle of switching to a new cloud, VMC on AWS can be an ideal go-to option. 

Considering the increasing benefits of serverless computing, every business is opting for this modern trend and availability. In this article, we’re going to explore the top-notch cloud solution out there i.e. Amazon Web Services. Explore why you should choose AWS for your organisation? Check out the exclusive benefits and automation it can bring to any scale organisation. 

As per the statistics, the serverless architecture market size was USD 7 billion in 2020 and is set to gain a 20% CAGR from 2021 to 2027. Hence, with such a surge of serverless architecture in the AWS UAE region, more and more businesses are tapping into its adoption. 

Serverless Architecture – What Is It? 

Serverless architecture relies on the concept that a cloud provider manages the servers with zero hassles. Often, it is confused with the system operating without servers, but that’s not true. Several applications and managed IT workloads run only on servers, but AWS handles all servers. Switching to servers’ business systems can avert scaling, provisioning, and maintaining servers. It leads to the streamlined functioning of databases, applications, and storage systems. One potential benefit of serverless architecture is that it minimises user occupancy while shifting the entire load to amazon web services. 

Serverless computing architecture automatically scales as per the usage. You don’t need to set the auto scaling additionally. The payment will only be required if you’re using the cloud services in various scenarios. The in-built availability and fault tolerance are additional benefits of dealing serverless computation in architecture. 

The major objective of switching to serverless computing AWS is to reduce human engagement. The developers can pay complete attention to the centre product development rather than investing in operating server management. It also frees you from handling runtime whether it is in the cloud or on-premises. Moreover, this architecture curbs the additional burden and allows developers to regain the spent time and energy. It improves the scalability standards along with quality assurance. 

Benefits of using serverless in Amazon Web Services

Let’s explore some of the potential benefits of the best serverless architecture system i.e. Amazon Web Services. 

#1. Serverless architecture is easy to deploy:

The serverless system for application is suitable for easy and quick deployment scenarios. Instead of spinning up instances separately, the overall system can spin up with the pace. The deployment can take place anytime anywhere during the day, night, or an hour. Gone are the days when you need to wait for weeks to process the deployment tasks. In addition, the deployment team can put their complete focus on the core instead of developing and maintaining infrastructure. 

#2. A Serverless system needs minimal investment:

The objective of cutting down the overhead cost is supported by the serverless architecture. The third-party serverless architecture like Amazon Web Services will have the complete responsibility of handling the database management to logic maintenance. It reduces the computing power and human resources to minimise the overall computation power while server deployment. 

#3. It adds more value to the user interface

Usually, customers tend to remain more interested in application in comparison to architecture. Their core focus will be on the frontend interface design rather than the backend functionality. Here, the server architecture allows the deployment team to put maximum effort into the front-end interface. The cloud services-driven architecture refrains from dealing with intricate details regarding backend architecture or provisioned infrastructure. Moreover, the higher time and valuable investment in the user interface can lead to improved customer output. 

#4. Serverless computing in AWS boosts scalability 

The AWS UAE region architecture is scalable because of the serverless technology. It makes the scope expansion of application possible from initial to later stage. It is the go-to option if you look forward to integrating more resources in the future. Thus, serverless architecture is more useful when it comes to expanding the usage scope from small scale to big scale. 

#5. It offers improved latency:

This architecture is used on a global scale and helps in reducing the low latency issues. Consider an instance of managed IT that is hosting the application on the west coast. But, the deployment issue is critical if the request is coming from the east coast. There would be latency lag in between infrastructure. In such a case, one can move close to the west coast location to avail of the resources and gain improved latency. 

#6. Serverless cloud computing improves flexibility

Serverless technology facilitates app implementation in the most facile manner. It supports innovation quickly in comparison to the traditional system. If you’re looking for quick results, the application can be divided into microservices and deployed on the architecture. The user can experience quick results and move ahead with the next project. 

#7. It can offer high-scale efficiency

Serverless architecture functions as per the request. The problem with traditional architecture was that they involve additional costs even if services were not being utilised. However, on the contrary, in serverless architecture, the charges will be associated only as per the usage time frame. It helps provision infra-based requirements for end-user benefits. 

How Citrus Consulting Can Help? 

Cloud Architects at Citrus Consulting are skilled professionals in delivering serverless solutions. We bring highly scalable and secure customer solutions that require minimal investment in technological infrastructure. We help the customers to focus on the application’s development without occupying the time and money for hosting. 

Here are some of the exclusive benefits of choosing VMC on AWS from Citrus Consulting – 

  • Cost-Effective
  • High Availability
  • Scalability
  • Detailed Monitoring
  • Hassle-free integration
  • No Servers

For more information, contact Citrus Consulting at (+971) 04 516 1500 or email at info@citrusconsulting.com.

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