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VMware Cloud On AWS: Move Closer To Cloud Technology

In the last half-decade, there has been a surge in the use of the public cloud as a deployment platform for new applications and services. However, most organizations are not just moving closer to cloud-only technology; they are also now using a hybrid cloud model that can combine private data center infrastructure with cloud services. According to a survey, the proportion of organizations adopting the cloud model has increased rapidly in the last few years. 

Although many organizations want to migrate workloads to the cloud, it is a complex and time-consuming task. Organizations have to address several issues while keeping downtime to a minimum, from varying Virtual Machine (VM) formats to disparate hardware, application dependencies, and network connectivity. It is when VMware Cloud on AWS comes for help. The VMC on AWS can simplify workload migration to a great extent. 

This article sheds light on the challenges of moving to the cloud and the reasons for migrating to VMware Cloud in the AWS UAE region. 

The Challenges of Moving Closer to the Cloud Technology 

As said before, migrating production applications and services from traditional on-premise deployments to cloud technology is challenging. The underlying tools and management interfaces on public cloud-based platforms differ from what in-house IT professionals have used on conventional infrastructure. 

Although it is possible to deploy VM server instances in the cloud and then manage them similarly to the on-premises VMs, this does not lead to flexibility and cost reductions as organizations require. Most IT professionals can learn to use updated tools and interfaces available in public cloud services. But, getting a fully expert IT team will involve extended training programs. Not only will it be a costly training affair, but also it will introduce delays in digital transformation projects. 

Reasons for Migrating to VMware Cloud On AWS

There are countless benefits to tapping into futuristic technology trends, and migrating to VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services is one of them. Below are some of the compelling reasons for migrating to VMware Cloud on AWS:

#1. You are behind the digitally advanced curve.

Cloud migration has risen in the past few years, so many organizations are scrambling to migrate to the cloud. Many companies prefer migrating to the cloud to optimize their business applications and reduce costs to generate new opportunities. According to several pieces of research, around 82% of organizations plan to deploy most of their workloads to the hybrid cloud. 

However, cloud migration can be challenging for most organizations with complex IT structures. About half of businesses feel behind on their cloud journey due to several complexities. Also, the time taken to modernize and migrate applications rarely aligns with the urgent demand of companies. 

#2. It is simple, quick, and also cost-effective

It is reported that a typical cloud migration within VMware horizon on AWS is 54% faster, requires 71% less workforce time, and also is 69% less expensive. VMware Cloud on AWS was already effective for organizations. Now, the introduction of VMware’s new 2-node solution has made it easier for businesses to realize these benefits at a much lower price. 

#3. Complementing your long-term IT strategy

Whether an organization is on its cloud migration journey, opting for VMware Cloud on AWS will position the organization to adapt to the changing business environment and support its broader and long-term IT strategies. VMware Cloud on AWS will allow the businesses to:

  • Migrate hundreds of virtual machines within days, without downtime, no infrastructure, application changes, and managed IT cyber security.
  • Simplifying operations with automated processes and unified management tools enhanced with the latest HTML5 design

#4. It’s a fit for the organization

Organizations can leverage predictable, high-performance computing, storage, and networking delivered by VMware Cloud on AWS technologies. This particular technology provides a range of capabilities that ensure application uptime and prevent security threats to data. It also enables automatic scaling and load balancing of environments. Also, uptime is guaranteed throughout the application with VMware Cloud on AWS tools. 

#5. Provides access to cloud-native services

VMware Cloud on AWS provides access to several cloud-native services – from high bandwidth to AWS services such as storage, analytics, database, computer networking, serverless, IoT, data security, machine learning, and more. Moreover, you can extend the value of your business applications running in VMware Cloud on AWS by providing your enterprise with simple and consistent access to native AWS services. 

#6. It lets you migrate to the cloud without modifications

VMware on the cloud provides consistent infrastructure and operations, allowing businesses to migrate their applications easily using standard VMware technologies. In addition, organizations can reduce their operational overhead costs by leveraging existing skills, processes, tools, and VMware on amazon web services technologies to transfer their applications to the public cloud. Now businesses need not worry about spending high costs or effort rewriting or refactoring applications with significant customization or existing infrastructures. 

#7. Flexibility is significant

VMS Cloud on AWS helps enterprises align costs to their business needs with flexible consumption options and investment protection. They can consume on-demand hourly or reap the benefit of one-year or three-year reserved models for heavier discounts. In addition, VMware Cloud on AWS includes rapid provisioning, enabling users to sip up the entire VMware SDDC environment in two hours and remove hosts within minutes. 


With the growth of VMware Cloud on AWS, organizations should consider working with professionals for seamless cloud migration. 

Citrus Consulting company is a cloud solution provider and advanced consulting partner to VMware Cloud on AWS. As an AWS advanced partner, the company helps customers accelerate their journey to the cloud. 

Citrus Consulting is famous as one of the leading companies that provide successful AWS solutions. The signature ones include providing teams extensive training, in-depth knowledge of AWS to manage clients’ projects effectively, and letting clients market with innovative and revenue-generating solutions. 

For more information, contact Citrus Consulting at (+971) 04 516 1500 or email info@citrusconsulting.com.

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