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Migrating SAP Workloads to AWS

As a result of today’s tough global competition and unanticipated pandemic outbreak, many firms are contemplating digital transformation in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. Before customers can successfully migrate SAP workloads to the cloud, many of you will likely need to convince key stakeholders that the move is worthwhile.

We are aware that moving critical workloads such as SAP to the cloud might be daunting. Customers cannot afford downtime, and errors are unacceptable. Therefore, customers must construct a business case that demonstrates a variety of compelling benefits that the cloud can bring their organization, and most crucially, they must always begin with why. The following are suggestions for moving your workload to AWS.

Assess your SAP infrastructure and plan accordingly

➯ Assess your SAP infrastructure and plan accordingly: The primary goal of beginning the SAP cloud migration journey is to deliver the exact capabilities promised to business stakeholders.

Initially, you must conduct a landscape analysis and determine what and when to transfer to the cloud. Assessing interoperability with the cloud provider’s system is a crucial component of the plan. Check the SAP application and database compatibility, as well as the software portability. This evaluation will allow you to create a comprehensive strategy that outlines the migration from beginning to end, ensuring that everyone is on board with how the migration will be executed.

➯.Clean out your closet:Moving to the cloud is an opportunity to dispose of unused items. Before moving your system’s on-premises edition to the cloud, you must eliminate all inconsistent and duplicate files. Additionally, this simplifiees the SAP to AWS migration procedure.

➯ Ensure appropriate sizing:To determine the amount of storage space required, you must assess the number of SAPs required for each system. Avoid money waste by not overprovisioning the amount of virtual machines. Therefore, providing conservatively may be a suitable starting point, as you can always scale up or down based on business requirements.

SAP certified AWS instance list can be found here – https://aws.amazon.com/sap/solutions/saphana/ 

➯ Back Up Everything : You do not want to be inconvenienced during the relocation. Before attempting to migrate to the cloud, it is imperative that you secure the process by creating a backup of your current environment.

➯ Engage a partner with knowledge: It is usual for businesses not to employ cloud and SAP specialists in-house. Finding a partner with expertise in SAP and cloud technologies to provide independent consultation, assist with SAP architecture, design the cloud landscape, provide guidance, and aid in the execution of the SAP cloud migration becomes crucial.

➯ Prepare for post-migration: Typically, your coworkers will only pay attention to the “switch” day, and after that, they will expect things to return to normal. This just is not true. What you and they need to plan for are the post-go-live adjustments and continuous SAP performance optimization that will be necessary once you migrate to your new cloud environment.

To summarize – The migration of SAP to the AWS cloud should be an ongoing activity. It is difficult to cover all the efforts on your own. Keeping your business stakeholders informed and locating a partner with expertise in SAP and cloud infrastructure is crucial to the journey’s success.

As the sole AWS distributor in the region, Citrus has subject matter expertise on AWS. Citrus offers comprehensive cloud solutions for planning SAP architecture on AWS, system migration, and cloud environment management.

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He is an Emerging Technology Associate Consultant with an experience of over 2 years in working with technologies like AWS. He has aided in designing and optimizing multiple AWS solutions for customers in the Middle East and Africa region enabling them in their swift and seamless Digital Transformation journey. A Certified AWS Solution architect, he is an AWS evangelist empowering customer adoption and expedited onboarding of different emerging technologies and services from varying industries and segments.

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